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The Paterson Foundation is a private, charitable Foundation
incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario.

Board of Directors

 Hugh L. Ross
    Winnipeg, Manitoba

 Robert J. Paterson
    Thunder Bay, Ontario

 Andrew B. Paterson
    Winnipeg, Manitoba

 Donald C. Paterson
    Thunder Bay, Ontario 

 Shane M. Paterson
    Winnipeg, Manitoba

 Alexander M. S. Paterson
    Thunder Bay, Ontario



 Alexander M.S. Paterson     President

 Robert Paterson

 Donald C. Paterson

Meetings of the Board
The Board meets twice each year to consider and make decisions on applications received
and to deal with other Foundation business.


The Paterson Foundation - 1918 Yonge Street, Thunder Bay, Ontario P7E 6T9
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